LEC 1969


LEC 1969 is the first commercially proven tubular LDPE grade for extrusion coating in Iran. This product is developed as general purpose application in extrusion coating segments. LEC 1969 can be used on low and also very high line speed extrusion coating and lamination processes. When prosesses on suitable hardware, LEC 1969 exhibits excellent draw down ability, good edge stability and low neck-in. Due to its excellent draw down ability and good adhesion, very thin coating layers can be applied on the substrate


Extrusion coating- Laminating- Flexible packaging- Paper coating- Cardboard coating-Aluminum foil coating- Multi-layer packaging.


Outstanding melt stability- Robustness in melt drawing- Light weight and very thin coating layer – High speed production line (more than 300 m/min)- Low neck-in


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