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SEMCO has close cooperation with reliable and reputable Iranian manufacturers, and provides the most appropriate proposals to achieve desired. We offers quality total solutions, machinery, and equipment according to international standards at competitive prices.

SEMCO is registered with all Iranian petrochemical companies and export petrochemical products in the shortest possible time and at the best price. In cooperation with the best domestic and international shipping companies, we deliver petrochemical cargo to all parts of the world.

SEMCO carrying out many projects in the field of pharmaceutical and medical equipment by taking advantage of the knowledge and experiences of its consultants. we have cooperation agreements in the field of APIs, drugs, and medical devices have been concluded between us and the well-known pharmaceutical producers in Iran.

Continuous cooperation with chemical manufacturers, along with weekly monitoring of competitors’ activities in the target markets, has resulted in SEMCO always being able to deliver chemicals and commodities with the best quality, the most appropriate price, and the shortest time to its customers in different countries.

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