EPS 522 FC


522FC is one of the TPC Performance expandable polystyrene products range. It is a free-flowing expandable polystyrene grade, consisting of spherical polystyrene beads containing pentane as the expansion agent. Expandable polystyrene (EPS) is normally expanded to achieve the low densities required for final step expansion. The typical density of this grade is around 36 kg/m3, but other densities are possible depending on applications and equipments.522FC is especially fast cycling and waterproof formulated to achieve low-density foam without lumps during pre-expansion. This grade is not fire retardant, so it is not suitable for building applications.


High-Density Block, Shape Molding. Because of its small bead size, 522FC is also used for very thin wall-shape molding with a wall thickness less than 6 mm. It is suitable for high-quality products demanding improved surface finish and high strength. Properly processed EPS foam packaging made from 522FC provides good mould filling properties and high mechanical strength. Packaging and storage: 422FC is shipped in a jumbo bag or octa bins (height 158 cm) on wooden pallets (115cm x 115 cm), containing 1000 kg net of material. The octa bins are not weather or water-proof and must therefore not be exposed to outdoor conditions. In order to obtain the desired properties of 422FC, the raw material should be stored below 20 °C and be processed within 1 month.


Speed and ease of roof execution, Save on plaster, dirt, and hardware, Stable against earthquakes, Easy shipping, Being light, Resistant to compression and impact, High speed implementation and cost reduction, It is a good insulator because it has low polarity, It has good resistance against water and other solvent.


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