Sulfonic (LABSA) – PCW is an economical and versatile, biodegradable anionic surfactant. This product can be neutralized with a variety of inorganic bases and organic amines to give a wide range of sulfonates with the properties of your choice. Sulfonic can be used to make both liquid and dry products. It is an effective surfactant in acidic environments. Sulfonic contains a minimum of sulfuric acid and upon neutralization produces material with little salt, light color and low odor, allowing wide latitude in formulations.

LABSA Applications:

  • Laundry,
  • Car/truck wash,
  • Emulsion breaker for oil fields,
  • Dishwashing liquids,
  • Hard surface care,
  • Heavy duty cleaning,
  • Latex manufacture,
  • oil dispersants,
  • Textile scouring.


LABSA Characteristics:


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