Calcium Hypochlorite

This chemical is a white and dry granular with a purity of %65-%70. Calcium hypochlorite granules dissolve in water easily and are mainly used in water treatment for disinfection and removal of Bacteria, Algae and microorganisms.

Calcium Hypochlorite Applications:

• Sanitizing public swimming pools and spa
• Waste water and effluent treatment
• Laundry detergents
• Cleaning and sanitizing (Bathroom cleansers | Household disinfectant sprays | Algaecides | Herbicides)
• Anti-fungal and Anti-bacterial (anti-odor)
• Herbicides
• Food and beverage processing (Vegetables disinfectant)
• Pulp and paper processing
• Disinfects drinking water
• Grey water and recycled water treatment (storage tanks)

Calcium Hypochlorite Characteristics:

White color solid granule, strong odor of chlorine. Soluble in water and alcohol with a strong reaction characteristic.

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