Calcium Chloride

White Granular Anhydrous Calcium Chloride is Manufactured with the Raw
Materials of High Quality Calcium Carbonate and Pure Hydrochloric Acid and
Through Several Processes of Synthesis, Filtering, Evaporation, Concentration
and Drying. Calcium chloride main usages are as follow:

• Oil and gas drilling agent
• Road deicing agents
• Road stabilization and dust control
• Accelerators in concrete

INDUSTRIAL PROCESSING: as additives in plastics, for Calcium Salt Production, Drainage aids for Wastewater
Treatment, etc.
OTHER APPLICATIONS: Tire Ballast, Hydrocarbon Desiccant, Refrigeration Brine, Food Processing Agent or
Coagulating Agent and additive for foods and many other usages.

Odorless White Granular Solid, Highly Hygroscopic and Soluble in Water.

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