Caustic Soda-Liquid

Caustic Soda Liquid-GD is obtained from sodium hydroxide – technical grade, by electrolytic process. It is a solid white, hygroscopic, odorless substance. Caustic soda flakes easily dissolves in water, with heat release. The product is soluble in methyl and ethyl alcohols.


  • Petroleum Industry (Petroleum Products Refining);
  • Chemical Industry (Dyes, Water Treatment);
  • Pulp And Paper Industry (Wood Treatment);
  • Textile Industry;
  • Metallurgy Industry (Alumina);
  • Soap And Detergents Industry.


CHARACTERISTICS: Sodium hydroxide is a strong electrolyte (completely ionized both in crystalline and solution states). Sodium hydroxide is not volatile, but it rises easily in air as aerosols. It is insoluble in ethyl ether.

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